Power Combo Device – 2 PSU to 1 Motherboard PH-PWCOB_2P1M


Phanteks’ patented Power Combo is design to maximize your power output by allowing you to connect two power supplies to one motherboard.


Phanteks’ patented Power Combo is design to maximize your power output by allowing you to connect two power supplies. Higher end power supply can cost a fortune, but the Power Combo is cost efficient and provides maximum power and efficiency. With the ability to combine two power supplies, the Power Combo can give you a higher maximum power output than all the power supplies in the market while still maintaining stability and performance. A true plug and play, the Power Combo requires no cutting and splicing of the wires.


– SAFE AND SECURE: Redundant power supply architecture concept, this prevents the system from shutting down when one power supply fails. This ensures that all your vital information and data will not be interrupted or lost.
– EXTREME PERFORMANCE: Combining 2x top tier PSU’s and drive high-end systems that requires more power output.
– Universal Mount + Drop-N-Lock: The Power Combo comes with a velcro sticker that allows intallation in universal case products. The Power Combo is also equiped with a Drop-N-Lock mounting system, which makes installation even more convenient for Phanteks’ compatible *cases.
– POWER EFFICIENT: The power combo can acquire higher power efficiency through load sharing of 2 PSU’s. 2 PSU’s will operate under more efficient load compared to a single PSU that would be under full load.
– COST EFFICIENT: Budget builders can combine two low-wattage units to obtain a high end PSU performance without the high end cost.
– Cable compatibility: 24-Pin / 8-Pin Extension cables are required for connecting the power combo to motherboards. The power combo is compatible with all standard extension cables on the market. However, we recommend to use Phanteks’ *extension cables which are designed with extended length (500mm) for better cable management.

How does the redundancy feature work?

Phanteks’ Power Combo allows two power supplies to combine power to one motherboard. If one of the power supply(A) units develops an internal fault or fails, the working power supply(B) unit automatically takes over and bypass the malfunctioning main circuit of the failed power supply(A) and supplies the load to the Sata and PCI-e devices. In other words, the input (A) on the Power Combo will automatically function as an output (A).

The Power Combo redundancy allows uninterrupted system operation in the event of failure to one of the power supply. This allows the system to be powered up, but only if the available power of the working power supply is higher than the required power from the system.

When a failure occurs in one of the power supply, the status is communicated by the Power Combo’s indicator light changing from white to red.

Which scenarios could cause the Power Combo’s redundancy feature not to work?

In most cases of power supply failures, the power supply’s protection will activate on the main circuit and the Power combo’s redundancy feature is able to keep your system in operation. As long as PSU(B) has sufficient power to supply your PC systems on its own. There are some rare scenarios when the PSU(B) won’t be able to power the devices that are connected to PSU(A). Examples:

– Water damage to the PSU. This could cause short-circuit on the entire board (including the connectors unit).
– When short-circuit occurs in the connected cables (faulty cables)


– Product: Power Combo (PH-PWCOB_2P1M)
– Dimension: 165 mm x 32 mm x 100 mm (W x H x D)
– Type: Power Combo for M/B 24-pin and CPU 8-pins
– Material(s): ABS
– Colour: Black
– Motherboard support: E-ATX, ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX
– Input Connector: 24-pin (2x) / 8-pin (4x)
– Output Connector: 24-pin (1x) / 8-pin (2x)
– Total Max Capacity: 1170W (Max. Motherboard consumption only)
– Power Supply Suggestion: Using Full spec PSUs ensure the stable power supplying output
– Cable compatibility: 24-pin/20+4 pin; 8-pin/4+4 pin; (extension cables not included)
– MTBF: >50,000 hrs
– Net Weight: 210 g ( 0.5 lbs)
– Gross Weight: 260 g ( 0.6 lbs)
– Package Dimension: 200 mm x 66 mm x 136 mm (WxHxD)
– QTY: 20 pcs / carton
– Model No: PH-PWCOB_2P1M
– UPC Code: 886523300625
– Warranty: 2 years

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