Hydronaut High Performance Thermal Paste – 1g


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Hydronaut can be applied with its excellent thermal conductivity in the overclocking section, but it was developed especially for users with large heatsinks, which are looking for applications such as water cooling system a high quality product with an attractive price / performance ratio.

The Hydronaut paste provides optimisation for extensive use heat transfer, particularly found in the water cooling sector where optimal thermal conductivity is required.

The Hydronaut thermal compound has a silicone-free support structure. This has the advantage that it brings a very low weight and a high degree of flexibility and thereby the thermal compound can be applied very well.

Hydronaut achieves optimal values for use on medium and high heat output watercooling solutions. The product is produced according to ROHS standard is an easily applied heat conducting Thermal Material for demanding users.

– Suitable for Overclocking
– Excellent thermal conductivity
– No cure time
– Silicon free

Ideal Applications:
Thermal Conductivity: 4*
Extreme Overclocking: 4*
Overclocking: 5*
Water cooling: 5*
Air cooling: 5*
Silicone Sensitive Applications: 5*

– Thermal Conductivity: 11.8 wm / k
– Viscosity: 140-190 Pas
– Spec. Weight: 2.6 g / cm3
– Temperature: -200 ° C / + 350 ° C
– Content: 1g


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